"Negro men and women came here long before the Mayflower and they cleared the forests, drained the swamps and cultivated the grain. The wealth of this country was founded on what Abraham Lincoln called "the 250 years of unrequited toil" of Negro men and women. From the muted wail of slaves going in chains to American plantations came the gold that made capitalism possible; from black brawn came tobacco; from black blood, white sugar." Lerone Bennett, Jr. 1964.

Through research of scholarly works, interviews, folk art, music and stories comes a better understanding of the plight of the African in America, the struggle to free him and the cooperation that struggle demanded of courageous Americans.


slave caretaker
Slave Caretaker
with Master's Child
Specialists and Scholars who have contributed to Whispers of Angels:
Judith Bentley
Professor at South Seattle Community College and author of numerous young adult books and biographies of noted American figures, including, "Dear Friend: Thomas Garrett and William Still, Collaborators on the Underground Railroad", and a biography of Harriet Tubman.

Charles Blockson
Historian at Temple University, author, collector, and curator of the nation's largest private collection of items relating to black history and traditions, The Blockson Collection, donated to Temple University in 1984. Blockson has written seven books, including "The Underground Railroad: First Person Narratives of Escapes to Freedom in the North".

James Oliver Horton, Ph.D
Historian, professor at George Washington University, author and museum project director of the National Museum of American History's Afro-American Community Project at the Smithsonian Institution. Dr. Horton serves on the White House Millennium Council and is the author of numerous books including, "The History of the African-American People", "In Hope of Liberty", and "Hard Road to Freedom: The Story of African America".
William C. Kashatus, Ph.D
Director of Public Programs, Chester County Historical Society, author and curator of "Just Over The Line: Chester County and the Underground Railroad". Dr. Kashatus has published many articles and books, including "Historic Philadelphia: The City, Symbols & Patriots" and "Past, Present & Personal: A Guide for Doing Local History", winner of the 2000 Pennsylvania Federation of Museums' Publication Award.
James McGowan
Historian, biographer and author of "Station Master on the Underground Railroad: The Life and Letters of Thomas Garrett". McGowan is currently working on a new biography of Harriet Tubman.
Vivian Abdur-Rahim
Executive Director, The Harriet Tubman Society, Wilmington, Delaware. Ms. Rahim has devoted more than twenty-five years to the research and documentation of the life and work of Harriet Tubman.
Bradley Skelcher, Ph.D
Historian, professor at Delaware State University and author of "Historical Geography and the Underground Railroad in Central Delaware". Dr. Skelcher has served as a rapporteur for the World Economic Development Congress in Washington, D.C., Madrid and Hong Kong. He has been a Ford Fellow in African Studies at Howard University and Ford Fellow in African American Studies at Carter G. Woodson Institute at the University of Virginia.
Clara Small, Ph.D.
Historian, professor (Salisbury State University) and expert on the history of Maryland's eastern shore, the birthplace of Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass.
William Williams, Ph.D
Historian, professor at the University of Delaware and author of "Slavery and Freedom in Delaware 1639-1865". Dr. Williams has been on the Editorial Board of Delaware History Magazine since 1988 and has served on the Delaware State Review Board for Historic Preservation. He is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships related to his academic interests.



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